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A Little About Me ~

I've been online for around 20-years. I enjoy listing items on eBay from time to time. I've created some webpages on my AOL space and began blogging about 10-years ago.
I'm a collector of many things, (my wife calls me a pack-rat). I guess it's true enough. I've been collecting stuff since I was very young. Some of the things I collect are antique automobiles, antique firearms, John F. Kennedy items, Abraham Lincoln items, old paper documents, wanted posters, Old west and American Indian artifacts, Gangster era collectibles, old bottles, Civil War items, John Wayne items and other movie stuff. I also collect items belonging to Wyatt Earp and old movie props. So, in other words...I'm a pack-rat!
Also, I do work in local cemeteries for the Find A Grave website and spend a lot of time in graveyards. I worked in the funeral business many years ago. And, yes, as a collector, I have four antique coffins in my garage.
Okay, enough about me. If your still awake, and haven't clicked yet to another website, as I said, I have several webpages and blogs on the net and this is the index page for them. Click any of the links below to go to my webpages and blogs. I write about all sorts of things and there are many pictures as well. Hope you find something you think may interest you. Also, I am adding pages and blogs all the time so check back every so often to see what has been added. Thanks for reading my ramblings and have a great day, Mr. Ed~
This is my main link list. Below are the topics of my many blogs. Under each catagory is the link that will take you to the index page for that subject of blogs. Click the links to go there.

Other Blogs of Interest ~

The following are blogs that I created that are on-going.
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I will be adding links as I get them ~